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A Number of Baby monitors available for the parents but what only few of them comes from a trusted brand. Netgear baby monitors are making a difference from all other baby monitors available. With the capacity of 1080p HD video recording, this cute looking baby monitor will make sure that your children are fully secured. Arlo baby cameras are like super nanny for your children that will not only protect your children but, will also entertain them. You can easily manage the Arlo baby monitor from any remote location using the smart phone and that is possible using the Arlo mobile app. You can download the Arlo camera App free of cost from the play store.

Access the Baby Arlo from Remote Location

Using the smart phone app you can easily manage the baby Arlo mobile cameras. Simply download the Arlo mobile app and you can easily access the baby monitor from your work station also.

With Baby Arlo Make Sure your Child is Safe When you are Not Around  

Using the Baby Arlo camera, you can make sure that your child is totally safe and you really don’t need to worry about him or her. You can easily install the baby Arlo camera at any location in your child’s room and monitor the camera from any location.

Arlo Baby Cameras have Multiple Color Options

Arlo baby cameras can give you multiple color options so you can choose the one according to your child’s choice. The light will be emitted from the back side of the camera so it will not disturb your child’s sleep at all.

Arlo Netgear Cameras have Strong Sensors

Arlo baby is specially designed for the children so there sensor need to be very strong. Baby Arlo cameras served with the multiple sensors like, it can record the information like temperature, humidity and many other weather information. You can get all this information up to last 7 days.


With Baby Arlo Make Sure your Child is in Good Sleep

Using the Baby Arlo cameras you can make sure Your child is sleeping without any kind of trouble. You really don’t need to get up check him rather you can use your smart phone to keep an eye on him.

Capture the Memorable Moments Any Time using Baby Arlo Cameras

Using the Baby Arlo cameras you can not only make sure the security of your child but you can also capture the memorable moments of your child any time and you can also share those moments with your loved once.

Baby Arlo Cameras are Fully Wire Free Cameras

Just like the all security cameras by Netgear, Arlo baby is also wire free cameras. You don’t need to set up any kind of wires for baby Arlo setup. Simply go and mount the Baby Arlo cameras in your Child room.

Arlo Baby Comes with Built-In Night Vision

Baby Arlo cameras don’t need any kind of outdoor light because Baby Arlo comes with inbuilt night vision mode. You will not need to light any lamp or something like that to capture your baby’s moments.

Arlo Baby Cameras are Full HD Cameras

Arlo baby cameras are fully HD cameras and you can capture each moment in fully HD mode. Each and every moment will be captured in HD mode so you can also share the memorable moments of your child on your social media also.

Arlo Baby Cameras have Two Way Talk System

Arlo Baby monitor comes with the two way talk system so you can talk to your child when you need. Best thing is that, you can talk to them even using your smart phone. You can assist them any time you need they need your voice.

Record your Own Voice using Smart Phones  

If you are using Arlo cameras, you can even record your own voice and make your baby sleep easily. You can play your own recorded voice any time using the smart phone.

Get the Instant Notifications on your Smart Phone

If you have installed Arlo baby camera for your baby’s room, you will receive instant notifications for each and every moment captured by the Arlo cameras. You can also manage the notifications very easily if you don’t want to receive the notifications for each and every small moment Arlo baby is capturing.

You will Get Alert Whenever your Baby will Cry

If your baby is crying, you will receive the alert notifications on your mobile phone instantly. You can configure your Arlo baby cameras in such a way that they can recognize the voice of your baby. Whenever your baby cry, Arlo baby camera sensors will inform you regarding this.

Move the Arlo Baby Cameras Freely Around the Home

Arlo baby cameras comes with the rechargeable batteries so can move the Arlo baby cameras around the home without any kind of issues. All this become possible because Arlo baby cameras are served with the rechargeable batteries you can easily change or replace the batteries when your need.

Arlo Baby Monitor Comes with Very Cute Bunny Ears     

Arlo baby cameras are served with very cure bunny ear design so you it will look like any other soft toy in your baby’s room. Your baby will not even recognize that something out of the box is installed in his/her room.

Arlo Baby Cameras can be Installed Any Where in the Room

Netgear Arlo cameras are designed in such a way that they can be easily mounted on the wall or anywhere in the room. The wall mount we are talking about are free of cost delivered with the baby Arlo cameras.

Easy Setup and Configurations for Baby Arlo Cameras

Just like the other Arlo security cameras, your baby Arlo cameras are also very easy to manage and setup using a single window. You can easily download the Arlo mobile App from the play store or you can also manage the Arlo cameras from desktop computers.    

Netgear is Selling a Tablet that is Designed for Arlo Baby Monitoring

If you are using the Arlo bay monitor for your child’s room you will need to monitor the videos any time. Netgear is also selling the dedicated tablet that is designed for the Arlo baby monitoring especially. You really don’t need to dependent on your smart phone only so you can also go for the tab designed for the Arlo baby cameras.

All the Videos by Baby Arlo are Send in the Encrypted Mode

Just like the other security cameras, Baby Arlo also send the captured videos in the encryption mode to the cloud storage. You don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of the videos that are captured by the Baby Arlo.     

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