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How to maintain my security camera

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How to maintain my security camera

If you do not want to invest your precious money on your video security system, then you need to check for the security cameras on regular basis and you need to do its maintenance on regular intervals of time.

From this blog, you will be aware of all those things or tips which are useful in maintaining the video cameras.

Tip 1:  Check for the wires, whether they are safely connected or not

You need to check for all the cables which are DVR, monitor whether they all are safely connected or not and check whether they are receiving proper power or not. If you have ever seen that the wires are broken or damaged, then replace that one.

Tip 2: Clean your wires/DVR

After some time you will notice that your wires or DVR will develop some dust which can affect the performance of the security cameras. On regular intervals of time, check for the dust on the wires.

Tip 3: Clean the lenses of the cameras on regular intervals

Whether you are using indoor or outdoor cameras you must need to clean it on regular intervals of time. Things that you need to check are water spots, smudges, dust and other dust causing elements. This trick is quite beneficial for getting the right image quality.

Tip 4: Check for the power Supply

Just ensure that the power is coming properly to the system it cannot be lost due to change in the weather conditions which are storms etc.

With the help of the voltmeter, you can check whether the proper supply is coming towards the system.

Tip 5: Check for the Corrosion

Have a look to the corrosion that may come into the connectors. Also look for the signs of the corrosion as this may cause the problem of power loss. You can check for the security cameras from the website of Netgear Arlo Login.

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