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security camera lense for Arlo devices

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security camera lense for Arlo devices

Your lens plays a very important role while you want to determine an image which is captured by the CCTV camera; to get a better image from your CCTV its camera lens, size, and type plays a very significant role. When choosing right lens for your camera you may need an advisor who can guide you with arlo troubleshooting and help you to get the right camera.


We have brought you a list of camera lens which may advise you to find right lens.

  1. Vari-Focal and Fixed Lens: The first and foremost thing to differentiate between security camera is to check whether lens is fix or vari-focal.

If you have a fixed lens on your CCTV camera then you cannot set viewing angle, it means you are nlt able to zoom in the camera lens or adjust it in any way. if the layout of your area is not likely to change then you ca go with fixed lens camera as these cameras are not very expensive.

A vari-focal lens camera can be adjusted in any angle as well as zoom in by the CCTV technician, so it can record the exact area where you zoom in. Using this lens one can get the ideal images by adjusting the camera angle as it has great flexibility.

Lens Size and Distance: The size of the camera play a great role as it can affect what the camera sees from the viewing angle. Quality of recorded image is also affected by the distance the security camera is mounted.

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