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What is Wink and How to Use this Feature?

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What is Wink and How to Use this Feature?

using the Wink App you can control many automation devices very easily from anywhere. For example, you can control the automatic lights you are having at your home can be controlled using the Wink App. In that way, you can also use the Arlo cameras using the Wink App.

After configuring the Wink App for the Arlo cameras, you can manage the Arlo camera from remote location also. Remember that, Wink App does not support the Arlo Pro Wire Free Cameras but you can use the Wink App to control Arlo Wire Free, Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras can be managed using the Wink App.

  • You can control the outdoor lights using the Wink App.
  • If you have installed the automatic doors in your home, you can control them using the Wink App.
  • Wink App can also be used to control the music from remote location.
  • You can play the pre recorded videos for your Arlo cameras.
  • You can record your own voice and play that clip for baby Arlo camera.
  • If you don’t have automated devices for your home, you can use the Wink App to set alert alarms for the Arlo camera batteries you are using.

Note:  Wink App is available to download free of cost from Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Wink App Provide you Control on Individual Device

If you use the Wink App, you will receive the complete list of the devices you are using through Wink App. You can simply click on the icon and control that device very easily. If you have added the Arlo App in the list, you can control the Arlo cameras too.

Wink App Provide you the Option of Robots

Using the Robots, you can program the devices to behave according to the situation. For example, you can program the Arlo cameras in such a ways the lights should light automatically if any kind of motion is detected by the Arlo cameras.     

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