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Home security is one of the significant worries for all mortgage holders who much of the time travel to different places because of any number of reasons. As a mortgage holder, you wouldn’t need criminals to have their way in your home and afterward leaving nothing safes and vaults after plundering everything.

A powerful answer to counter this danger is introducing surveillance system in your home that will record any suspicious movement being done in your home. This innovation has been around for a long while and just as of late has it been made reasonable to be utilized by everybody. This has been made conceivable with by Netgear’s range of security devices named Arlo.

Arlo is Netgear’s home and office security products that comprise mainly security cameras. Recently they have also released a security lighting system called Arlo security lights that work in conjunction with Arlo security cameras.

Even the best of the security camera’s won’t be used when there is insufficient lighting. As it isn’t possible to always keep on the home lights when you are gone for the camera to work, as they would be on day and night without someone to switch them off. So, the solution to this would be to use the Arlo security light system that works with the Arlo security cameras to deter any kind of intrusion in your home.

Your Arlo Security Light associates with your Arlo Bridge utilizing Bluetooth innovation. Your Arlo Bridge utilizes 2.4 GHz WiFi to associate with your switch to get to your Arlo account in the cloud. At the point when your Arlo Security Light identifies movement, it turns on relying upon the shine of its environment.

Features of Arlo Security Light

  • Totally wireless – Arlo Security Light can be installed without wires as it is totally wireless and you don’t need to trouble yourself with the hassle of arranging wires around your home.
  • Customizable – Arlo Security Lights are 100% customizable and you can change its settings as per your requirements. You can flash on the lights on or off, change its color, and much more.
  • Motion detection notifications – These lights have their own motion detection sensors that automatically turn on the light when a motion is detected. It will also send notification alerts to you through the app or email.
  • Environment resistant – The Arlo Security Lights are IP65 certified and are fully protected from any kinds of weather conditions. You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors as it can withstand everything from heat, rain, sun, winter etc.
  • Easily manageable – Arlo has a dedicated app for their Arlo devices and Arlo security lights are integrated with it too. You can manage your lights from anywhere and anytime with this app.
  • Conserve battery – To make sure that Arlo security lights don’t waste batteries, they automatically go in power saving mode in bright surroundings.
  • Conserve money on batteries – Unlike Arlo Security camera’s, Arlo Security lights are equipped with rechargeable batteries. So, you don’t need to waste money on buying batteries.
  • Very bright light – Arlo Security Light is fitted with super bright LEDs that produce up to 400 lumens. So, they are best suited for outdoor use.
  • Works with Voice commands – Arlo Security Lights are also compatible with Amazon Alexa. So, you can use voice commands to switch on or switch off the lights.
  • Change LED color – It is also possible to change the color of the Arlo Security Light LEDs. You get to choose from millions of colors for the Arlo lights. But take note that some colors will decrease the brightness of the lights.
  • Schedule your lights – You can also schedule your Arlo lights so that they turn on or off when you leave or come to home from office or vacation.

Arlo Security Lights have their own motion detection sensors. So, whenever they perceive motion, they turn on their LEDs and brighten up that area so that cameras could record the intruder. Most intruders scowl away when they think that they have been captured in the camera and don’t try to further intrude. Even if what all they do is lighten up the area where they are installed when movement is detected, it is all that is needed to scare off the intruders.

A single Arlo Security light costs up to $130 while you need to pay extra $60 for the hubs. But you can save money on the packs. One light with a hub costs just $150 whereas two lights and a hub costs $250. The three lights pack with a hub costs $350. If you want to buy more than 3 lights, you can view the full details on the Arlo website.

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