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Just like all other electronic devices, you can face troubles with the Netgear Arlo cameras also. At that time you need expert solutions for Arlo troubleshooting. You can find a number of manuals online of you can also try some tips we are going to explain here. If you are still not getting the required information for Arlo camera troubleshooting, you should directly call Netgear support team for help.

Here are some Tips you Must Try for Arlo Camera Troubleshooting

Arlo Troubleshooting After Firmware Update to Arlo Cameras

If you are facing issues after applying new firmware to your Netgear Arlo camera, you must troubleshoot Arlo using following tips.

  • Make sure that the batteries you are using the Arlo cameras are fully charged, if they are low, replace them.
  • Make sure are getting proper access to Netgear Arlo cameras.
  • Try to re-synchronizing Arlo Netgear troubleshooting tip between your camera and the base station.

Troubleshooting Tips if Arlo Calendar is not Showing the Correct Dates

Sometimes the way you use Arlo calendar, can give you confusion that the Arlo is not showing the correct dates. The Arlo camera troubleshooting tip for making sure that your Arlo is showing correct colander is that, you should scroll the dates very carefully from left to right.

Arlo Troubleshooting for Unwanted Notifications at your Smart Device

You will receive notifications for each and every moment captured on your Arlo camera. If you are fed up receiving the notifications for every small moment captured by the Arlo camera, you can try following troubleshooting tips for Arlo Netgear.

  • Make sure to position the Netgear Arlo at the place where your Arlo camera should not capture every small moment. // Netgear Arlo troubleshooting
  • You can create motion zones for the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras. // Arlo camera troubleshooting
  • You can also reduce the sound sensitivity for the Arlo camera if you are receiving unwanted sound notifications from your Arlo cameras. // Arlo troubleshooting
  • You can also reduce the notifications for the videos that Netgear Arlo is capturing for you. // Arlo Troubleshooting

Arlo Troubleshooting Tips if Arlo Cameras are Losing their Position?

If you find that your Arlo camera is losing their position on the wall, you have to make sure that you are using the wall mount that comes with the Arlo Pro. This is because, the wall mount that you have received with the old Arlo Pro are not at all compatible with the new Arlo Pro.

Arlo Troubleshooting Tips for the Arlo Base Station

You can easily remove the base station form your Arlo account. Remember, after removing the Arlo camera base station from your Arlo camera, it will remove all the previous setting for the Arlo cameras. Here are the steps to remove the Arlo base station from your Arlo account.

  • Login to the Arlo camera and access the “Mode” option. // Arlo Netgear login
  • Here you will need to click on the base station you want to remove for the Arlo cameras.
  • Select the option “Disarmed” option. // Arlo camera login
  • After that, click on the “Settings” option. // Arlo security camera login
  • Go for “My Devices” option. // Netgear Arlo troubleshooting
  • Simply click on the “Remove Device” option from there. // Arlo Netgear troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Tips if Arlo Camera is not Detecting the Base Station

If you are facing issues like your Arlo camera is not detecting the base station, here are the tips you can try.

  • Try restarting your Arlo camera base station. // Arlo web login
  • You can also go for the reinstallation process for your Netgear Arlo cameras. You must make sure to connect your Arlo base station first to your router and then provide the power supply to the base station. // my Arlo login
  • You also need to check the color for the Arlo camera LED is it is not detecting the Arlo base station. // Arlo troubleshooting
  • If the LED is not glowing within two minute, you must reconnect your Arlo camera base station to the router you are using. // Arlo camera troubleshooting
  • If the LED is Amber in color, that means your Arlo base station is connected with the router but not connected to the could server. // Netgear Arlo troubleshooting
  • If the Arlo LED is green in color, you must remove the battery from the base station and reinsert it once again. // Arlo Netgear troubleshooting

How Many Arlo Cameras can be Viewed at a Same Time?

You can easily connect up to 5 cameras to a single base station. You can also add six one or many more but you have to stop the streaming for the old cameras.

Troubleshooting for Arlo Cameras to Get Better Picture Quality

You can troubleshoot your Arlo cameras so you can receive better picture quality for Arlo camera recording. Here are the tips you must try to improve the picture quality for the Netgear Arlo cameras.

  • First of all you will need to change the power management settings to the option “Best Video”.
  • You internet connection should be fast enough so you can receive the best video quality form your Netgear Arlo cameras.
  • If the router you are using are fully compatible for the Traffic Shaping, you must make sure that the router is optimized for the streaming videos.
  • Must increase the number of frequency devices you are using like, decrease the networks, WiFi devices and all other frequencies near by the Arlo camera and the base station.

Troubleshooting Tips for Improving the Position for the Arlo Cameras

You can boost the overall performance of your Arlo cameras if you are positioning them at a good position.

  • Make sure to choose the location for the Arlo cameras so you Arlo cameras can coverage large geographical positions. // Arlo camera troubleshooting
  • Make sure that the Arlo cameras are positioned in such a way that they can send the videos easily to the cloud account. // Netgear Arlo troubleshooting
  • Make sure to place the Arlo cameras at a dissent distance from the floor. // Arlo Netgear troubleshooting


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